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Business Opportunities
The chart section gives you immediate access to pre-established charts ranging from US Corn Stalks to Cattle on Feed Charts. These charts are categorized on the page to make it easy to find a standard chart to view. This includes: Livestock, Grains and Energy; Corn Soybeans, Wheat, Beef and Cotton.
Helping You Succeed
Whether you are a protein buyer for a retailer, a large commodity broker or a single operation focused on managing risk. AgTraderIndex provides a mechanism to quickly evaluate minute - to -minute changes that could dramatically affect profitability. There isn't a lack of commodity information, but there isn't a tool that captures available information - real-time - and allows the user to easily extrapolate information to make quick decisions.
we are the commodity solution
What We Can Do For You:
  • "The first and only comprehensive tool to analyze fundamental commodity data"
  • "AgTraderIndex consolidates hundreds of USDA reports into easy to understand and operate charts and comparisons"
  • Overall Services - Index, Real-Time (Quotes Charts and Options), Weather, News and Trading Chat Rooms
Client's Quotes
"This tool is the most powerful of its kind ever created!"
Mike Smith Tejas Trading